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Bhagyashree pens note on ‘prioritising one’s own health’ amid pandemic


The pandemic has been tough for people across all age groups. Not just physically, it has also been mentally taxing for many. Amidst all this, it is easy to lose oneself — which can have a deep impact on the overall health. Therefore, now is the time to make the ‘choices’ to prioritise one’s own health.

Actor Bhagyashree took to Instagram to pen a note on the choices one must make for better mental health and well-being.

“Be mindful,” she said.

Here are some tips that she suggested.

*Make the effort to take out time for workouts, yoga, walks, or any form of exercise.
*Make a conscious decision about what food we eat and how much we eat.
*Be with people you love and those who love you because the feeling of nurturing and being nurtured both add a lot of strength neurologically.

However, highlighting that it is extremely important to be consciously active amid the pandemic, the 52-year-old mentioned

*Being consciously active is exercise, which can be done even within your home.
*Even simple food is energy, needed for physical, hormonal, neurological well-being.
*Even if one is isolated, one needn’t feel or be left alone. Today’s technology makes it possible to reach out to the person and assure her/him that they are loved and cared for deeply. It helps tremendously in recovery, more than fear and abandonment.

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