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Bowman’s Travel Brief: Embrace Train Travel


A few days ago while driving to my in-laws we found ourselves stuck, waiting on a train in rural Georgia.

As we waited for it to roll by, we reminisced on our first and last train trips together – first from Amsterdam to Paris and most recently from Seattle to Portland on the Amtrak Coast Starlight.

The latter was part of our babymoon trip and we wondered when we might take our daughter on her first train ride. We have her passport ready now and once full travel restrictions on Europe are lifted, we do hope to visit multiple countries and ride the train again.

The discussion then turned to high-speed rail and how America is behind in that area compared to Europe and Asia.

With $80 billion for rail service in President Biden’s proposed infrastructure legislation, there is a great opportunity.

It will be expensive, and it will take time, but ultimately, I think it will be for the better if we have more high-speed rail travel options here in North America. Domestic travel could certainly increase with people potentially traveling to neighboring states via train, in turn making the highways a little less crowded.

I for one cannot wait to return to train travel both internationally and here in the United States.

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