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Can you do single-arm planks like Samantha Akkineni?


Samantha Akkineni regularly shares fitness videos with her fans on social media.

This time, the actor who follows a strict diet and workout routine was seen doing single-arm planks that require immense body strength. The Family Man 2 actor also shared what fitness means to her.

“The best part about my fitness journey has been the balance it has brought into my life, both physically and mentally. And I am grateful for what this journey has taught me,” she mentioned.

Take a look.

The actor who follows a plant-based diet also said that following clean living has helped her. “Clean, plant based nutrition makes your body stronger and healthier. My favourites are vegetables fresh from my garden,” she mentioned.

She also highlighted the need to focus on mental health. “Emotional and mental wellness is as important as physical wellness. Spend time with your loved ones. Do things that make you happy always,” she mentioned.

Why should you try single-arm planks?

Single-arm or hand plank helps to improve shoulder blade stability and protect one’s shoulders. As a bodyweight exercise, it also improves core strength and activates the core muscles before a workout.

How to do?

*Start in the pushup position — with the hands under shoulders, and legs extended. Let the weight rest on the forearms.
*Your body should form a straight line and your legs should be wider than shoulder-width.
*Gradually, lift one hand off the ground while maintaining the posture. Hold until you can and then repeat with the other arm.

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