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Cowboys Talk Victory Over Texas Tech and Upcoming Matchup of Unbeatens


Cowboy Football
October 11, 2022

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Running Back Dominic Richardson 
On TCU’s defense: 
“They’re physical. They have a linebacker that can come downfield or over the top of the line and try to key in on the running back. We’ve got to be smart on the play actions. Spencer’s got to do his thing whenever we run play action and our receivers do their jobs as well.” 
On excitement to play at Amon G. Carter Stadium: 
“I prefer grass, for sure. I’m transferring to the turf a lot, it’s kind of hard for my shins, but I got used to it. The grass is making it a lot easier for me to dig and be more explosive, so I’m excited to play on grass.” 
On TCU’s success this season: 
“This is something to look forward to. TCU has always been a good defensive team, but our offense is showing out this year. We’re looking forward to this game. It’s two big teams that are undefeated going against each other, and we’re ready for it.” 
Offensive Lineman Jake Springfield 
On switching blocking strategies ahead of TCU: 
“With the defense they run, we’re kind of switching up our aiming points. The guys on the line have been playing for so long, we’ve seen three-down fronts, so we’re used to it. Mostly, up to this point, it’s been four-down fronts, but it’ll be a good change and I’m ready for the challenge.” 
On the offensive line’s ability to substitute players: 
“We always have that next man up mentality and we’ve been able to get a lot of guys playing at a lot of positions, which I feel like is to our advantage. If someone goes down, we got the next guy up and we can all be confident that he knows his job and he’s going to do his job.” 
On Charlie Dickey’s old school approach to the game: 
“He’s old school, but he’s also got a little bit of modern to him. He’s definitely got his old school values and we like that as players because it’s just hard-nosed, run the ball.” 

Defensive Tackle Sione Asi 
On playing against the extreme pace of TTU’s offense: 
“It was a little tough at first, but once we got in the groove and once we made adjustments and got the call in a little quicker, we were able to play faster. It did kind of take away a little speed, how we play, but once we made an adjustment coach made it more simple for us to line up and play the way we play defense.”

On having tough matchups every week in Big 12 play: 
“It’s crazy, I was actually looking at the schedule, we have pictures of who we play every week. You guys know, in the Big 12, there’s always outstanding teams that are good and the teams that are not so good, but looking at the schedule we have a long stretch, but it’s exciting. You can’t really relax; you just have to give 100% every time. It makes the game a lot more exciting because it makes you better.”

On facing Max Duggan and his dual-threat ability: 
“For me, at least, I think just trying not to do too much. Just keep it very simple because I give respect to him, he’s a good ball player and he does extend plays on his feet, but for the interior guys you just got to keep him in the pocket and rush our own lanes. Just kind of rush as a unit. That’s kind of our goal as a defense and how Coach Richmond has been coaching us.” 

Cornerback Jabbar Muhammad 
On Texas Tech throwing the ball in his direction as often as they did and what he felt he did well: 
“Just getting up there and challenging (the receiver). Knowing that you are going to get the targets if you’re in press man or on the sideline by yourself, just knowing that you are going to get the targets and just going out there and competing. It felt good to get the targets and it felt good to have a good game.” 

On TCU’s wide receiver Quentin Johnston: 
“He’s a really good player. He’s explosive, tall, big and fast. I’m just looking forward to going and competing against him.”

On what has stood out about Max Duggan so far this season compared to past seasons: 
“I would say he’s throwing the ball way better. His intermediate, his quick game and his deep ball has gotten more accurate. I feel like his pocket presence is better too.”  


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