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Inspired By Travel And City Girls, LoveShackFancy Comes To Paris To Unveil Its SS23 Collection


PARIS, FRANCE- Rebecca Hessel Cohen, founder of LoveShackFancy takes the SS23 collection to Paris to … [+] showcase during Paris Fashion Week.

Taylor Jewell

The new LoveShackFancy Collection was unveiled a couple of weeks ago during New York Fashion Week but the brand has come to Paris during fashion week and set up a post at the Ritz Hotel, making waves and establishing itself ever further in Europe. The aesthetic of LoveShackFancy is appealing and European women can’t get enough.

There’s something grown and feminine in the collection. Sure, there are still the coveted floral prints scattered throughout. But it must be the pants, a first for the brand, which adds a grown-up feeling. And many of the pieces easily flow from daytime, of-going-to-the office pieces and easily translate into after work and evening wear.

“This is the most maximalist version of minimalist that we’ll ever do,” says LoveShackFancy founder … [+] Rebecca Cohen. Silhouettes range from volume, to fitted, to fuchsias, pinks, and lavenders.

Jason Llyod-Evens/ for LoveShackFancy

The pieces are for the New York woman, who as according to the brand, “is merging her Upper East Side roots with her downtown edge and all-American spirit, she’s discerning, worldly, and flirty with an air of innocence.”

Started by Rebecca Hessel Cohen, a true-New Yorker who left her job as fashion editor at Cosmo in 2013. The aesthetic is very much feminine fairytale with tutus, ruffles, bows- lots of bows, lace, pearls, pastels, and florals.

“Travel and my city girls really inspired this collection, and there’s a fun party element too. But, it’s not just a party. We’re taking our girls from the office, to cocktail events, and big parties,” says Cohen.

Pants are a first for the the brand, giving it more grown up look.

Jason Llyod-Evens/ for LoveShackFancy

This new collection of pink, fuchsia, maxi, lavender, yellow, white, silk, and pearl filled dresses are intriguing and gratifying pieces. The cuts and styles are a blend of romanticism and modernity. It’s clear that in some way it is a new step for the brand, to incorporate looks they normally don’t have.

“We’ve done our first pants, and our blazers as well as skirt sets and incredible cocktail dresses and gowns, like our new one in pink taffeta. This collection is very much the New York City girl, London, and Paris- she’s just global and having fun,” continues Cohen.

“Technicolor tulle and evolved hand-painted botanical prints inspired by the iconic New York Botanical Garden accentuate fresh shapes,” share the brand. Somehow as she’s able to always do, Cohen and her design team were able to create pieces that can work in different ways. Her clientele style themselves in what works best. They wear mini skirts from the new collection as tops. “I love how the LoveShackFancy woman mixes up our pieces,” muses Cohen.

The cuts and styles are a blend of romanticism and modernity.

Jason Llyod-Evens/ for LoveShackFancy

“This is the most maximalist version of minimalist that we’ll ever do. We stripped down some things with biased cuts of dresses, and with some beautiful tailoring that we did for the first time for some of the pieces, and some Gatsby-esque roaring 20s tailoring that we did for the first time with beading, tulle, and feathers. Oh, and our heading top is to die for,” she beams.

A collection for any woman going anywhere. SS23 LoveShackFancy is by far one of the best yet done collections.

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