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JFK bomb squad investigation adds to tri-state air travel misery


QUEENS (PIX11) — A bomb squad investigation Sunday at John F. Kennedy International Airport was the very latest disruption to air travel around the tri-state region this busy holiday weekend.

However, well before what happened Sunday morning, it was already a rough one across the three major in New York and New Jersey airports– with many dozens of delays and cancellations at each travel hub.

Geraldo Cortez had a rough time time traveling home from Uzbekistan, and by the time he landed at JFK he could not deplane properly because the bomb squad was investigating an abandoned piece of luggage at Terminal Four.

“They took us to a shelter, a shelter bus and took us to border control, and got our luggage,” Cortez said. “We did see a lot of delayed flights and I don’t know if it’s from the holiday or what, but it’s been pretty crazy, hectic.”

The situation was cleared by around noon with no threat found.

As of Sunday afternoon, showed than 60 flights canceled at JFK and LaGuardia in the last 24 hours, plus many more delays.

It was even worse at Newark, which had a particularly bad Saturday with more than 90 cancelled flights.

It is all being blamed to staffing shortages at the airlines and airports, plus equipment shortages. The crush of travelers is also creating strain with international travel being most impacted.

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