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Kids learn about the science of fireworks at Rockford’s Discovery Center


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — In just a few hours, many eyes will be glued to the skies taking in the sights and sounds of Fourth of July fireworks displays. But what exactly makes the pyrotechnics snap, crackle, and pop?

We spent the day at Discovery Center to find out. Before fireworks begin tonight… many Stateline families started their day off early to learn more about what makes fireworks go kaboom!

“It was fun watching the garbage can go poof! And then go back down and watch the water go boom!” said 9-near-old Charlie Berryman.

Stateline families got a glimpse at how fireworks work ahead of the Fourth of July display as the Discovery Center hosts its annual Kaboom event.

“We teach a little bit about the chemistry of the fireworks. And we always have to go out with a bang, so we have our lovely explosion using our liquid nitrogen and we make some crafts some spin art fireworks and we have some noisemakers and glowsticks,” said Discovery Center Outreach Coordinator Jessica Williams.

The Berryman family was excited to learn more about the components behind fireworks.

This was a great way to celebrate the fourth learn a little more about fireworks and science in general and it was just a great way to spend the day fireworks happen at night and this was a great way to spend the daytime,” said Jerome Berryman.

“So, fireworks are always fun but we want to go teach the science behind some of the stuff that they’re seeing so we go and play with the chemistry of the fireworks so we show them the salts that are used in the fireworks and show how we make the different colors of the fireworks,” Williams explained.

The Carter family was equally excited to get some hands-on learning.

Michele: What were you doing?
Alinea: Making fireworks!

And Kids like Emilie and Ryan say they learned a lot.

“Copper doesn’t work as well but the other one works well and copper doesn’t last long but the red one lasts long,” said 6-year-old Emily.

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