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Medical experts advocate for monoclonal antibody therapy saying it could lead to fewer COVID hospitalizations and deaths


(KLFY)- People at a higher risk for developing severe COVID-19 symptoms have the option for monoclonal antibody treatment.

You need a positive test, be 65 or older, a BMI over 25. If you have chronic condition, you likely qualify,” Dr. Britni Hebert explains.

Dr. Hebert is board certified in internal medicine.

She tells News Ten time is of the essence when it come to this treatment.

Dr. Hebert continues, “Test as soon as you are exposed and test frequently.”

It must be given within a few days of contracting the virus.

“The reason antibodies are important in the first week is we think people do poorly because the immune system goes on over drive,” says Hebert.

The treatment is prescribed by your physician and given through an IV infusion.

“We isolate that antibody, concentrate it, and put in solution. That is what we put into your system,” adds Hebert.

But as Louisiana battles the Delta variant surge, Dr. Hebert says we could run into more problems as resources continue to dwindle.

Dr. Hebert explains, “Resources are limited. The more states surge, the less resources of the antibody we have. There is absolutely a limit to resources on the medicine side just like on the staffing side, bed side, and emergency care side.”

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