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New business comes to Downtown Redding


REDDING, Calif. – A new group of vendors sets up shop in Downtown Redding.

Gather Downtown is a new addition to the Downtown Redding area. Community leaders hope it brings in more people to the area.

“People walking along on the sidewalks will venture into places like this,” said Jake Mangas, the Redding Chamber of Commerce President & CEO.

“It keeps them in downtown and thinking about spending money and that’s really a good thing. Just more to see and do really invites people to come check it out.”

People who come to the store will all kinds of products, from jewelry, clothes, to artwork.

“We wanted to put something here in Downtown that would celebrate our community and that’s how we came up with Gather Downtown,” said Carissa Gregory, the owner of Gather Downtown.

A new business addition helps boost the downtown community.

“To have a business operator take a chance on Downtown Redding and open this business and hang their shingle, I think it encourages other people to get involved,” said Mangas.

“It’s part of creating that vitality in a neighborhood.”

Inside of the shop, there are 18 vendors inside. Amani Hanson is one of those vendors.

Before having a space inside the store, she sold her artwork through social media. Hanson hopes by having a physical presence it will attract more customers.

“Every time I’ve been here, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with customers in the store more about what I do and the opportunity for commission work,” said Hanson.

Gregory said they’ve already seen a lot of foot traffic coming through its doors.

“A third of our business comes from organic foot traffic and that’s a beautiful thing,” said Gregory. “We appreciate that downtown has made that happen for us.”

The Redding Chamber of Commerce said a new business downtown is a step in the right direction for the area.

“We have seen a transformation in terms of positive activity in the neighborhood,” said Mangas.

On Thursday, Gather Downtown will have its grand opening 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at its store.

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