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Philadelphia gas prices soar to $5 a gallon with summer travel around the corner


The first weekend of June came with a stiff price tag as gas hit new highs in Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley.

Gas prices in Philadelphia soared to a record $5.01 a gallon Saturday, up a staggering 7 cents from yesterday and 16 cents from last week. Last month, one gas station in Philadelphia was charging $5.24 a gallon.

In Pennsylvania, prices are inching closer to the $5 mark with an average of $4.91 a gallon, which is 5 cents high than yesterday and 15 cents more than last week.

New Jersey matched Pennsylvania, charging an average of $4.91 a gallon. The state’s Saturday average is up 7 cents from yesterday and 16 cents from last week.


Delaware has the lowest gas price in the Delaware Valley at $4.78 per gallon, a 7-cent increase overnight.

The national gas average now sits at $4.82 per gallon, which is the highest recorded average price, according to AAA. 



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