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ProV International Collaborates with Global Leader in Scale Technology for Better Service Management


The case study is the documentation of effective project implementation in alignment with client objectives. The ProV International team employed day-to-day field service solutions for simplifying the workload.

Fairbanks Scales, the heavy-duty innovators supplies industrial vehicle scales & has been a leader in scale technology since 1830. Today, Fairbank Scales provides the largest market offering of truck weighing equipment and has carved a niche as a reputable & accurate mission-critical weighing equipment supplier.

ProV International helped this leader achieve their vision of innovation with their one-stop IFS field service solutions. IFS FSM is ranked among the top Field Service Management solution providers with ten years of cumulative experience. The IFS field service software offers integrated services spanning across FSM implementation, infrastructure/cloud spaces, field service training, integration to third party system & security.

For the ProV team, the path to field service adaptation posed diverse challenges. The client came with a dynamic network of sales & service representatives and distributors and an active customer base of about 700 customers in multiple locations. ProV helped Fairbanks IT warm up to FSM installation and implement customized solutions befitting the set milestones. The ProV team improved backend team experiences by customizing the field service management client baseline features.

As the client had multiple challenges set for the team, ProV responded by assessing the problems & gaps from ground zero by assigning a designated field service expert. The team also assisted the client in designing training sessions & demos for the end-user of the field service product.

With a hard nudge & encouragement, the team refreshed and updated the client’s backend experiences along with the management workflow. In a rapidly digitizing world, Field service management software helps leaders like Fairbanks stay ahead of the curve with the right IT partner & support. ProV aims to solve this need for innovation by stepping in with solutions that give clients the cutting-edge.

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