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Record-breaking travel year at RSW in 2022



Despite Hurricane Ian closing popular tourist spots, Southwest Florida is still a travel destination, and in fact, 2022 was a record-breaking year for RSW.

Passenger numbers at RSW eclipsed 10,000,000 people at RSW in 2022. And travelers said it’s not surprising, given Southwest Florida is paradise.

“After 2020, people are ready to travel again,” Donna Lawson, visiting from Minnesota, said.

“I’m here to nanny for my niece, who has plans this weekend,” Lawson said.

It’s only her second time flying into RSW, but she said she’s not surprised the airport is busy. Despite the hurricane, travelers continue to flock back to Southwest Florida because they love it that much.

Travelers at RSW.
(Credit: WINK News)

Cathy, another visitor, said the fallout from Ian wasn’t a concern nor deter her from taking a trip here.

“Naples for vacation,” Cathy said. “Since it’s a vacation capital, we…it’d be fixed up right away, and I have friends down here, so we knew it was going to be better.”

Coming from Minnesota in the middle of January, it’s not hard to guess why Lawson is in town.

“Relaxing getting away from the snow,” Lawson said.

Passenger numbers for December were actually down year over year, but overall, it was a record-breaking year at RSW.

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