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Roswell school district considers new policy for medical cannabis on campuses


ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Roswell Independent School District is working to introduce a new policy to make it to find safe ways to allow medical marijuana on campus. The proposed policy was introduced at the Roswell Independent School Board on Tuesday, laying out how the district will handle when students are prescribed medical marijuana.

“I think when I want to highlight, whenever people hear of medical cannabis policy, people get a little bit nervous, this is to explain that this is a really strong framework so we can handle these things safely,” Katherine McClain, RISD Nurse Supervisor, said to the school board Tuesday.

The new policy would fall in line with the state’s rule that allows students to use medical marijuana on campus. But the state does not lay out how it should be administered. That has been left up to each school district.

“This is really Roswell schools being proactive and having policies in place, in case something comes up, which it may we have no way of knowing, but at least we will have policy for that,” said one member of the board.

The Roswell school district’s policy would state that the cannabis would have to be prescribed by the student’s doctor. The student’s parent or guardian would have to give permission to the school, and the school would have to sign off on it. The school would then regulate when it would be allowed to be used during school, as stated in their treatment plan.

“It depends on how it is ordered. It will be on the treatment plan, but generally, I would envision it to be as a pure as-needed basis,” said McClain.

The student wouldn’t be able to pass along the medical pot to another student because a school official would be in charge of it. The policy has the backing of many officials, including the superintendent.

“As a former building principal, I would have loved to have this in policy. It provides clear-cut boundaries it provides definition. It’s immediate, it’s quick, it’s fair, it’s equitable,” said RISD superintendent Brian Luck.

As for other school districts in the state, Rio Rancho has a similar policy set up for students who have a medical marijuana card. Albuquerque Public Schools does not have a policy. 

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