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Sbarra celebrates 50 years in real estate | WIVT


BINGHAMTON, NY – A local realtor is celebrating half a century selling homes in Greater Binghamton and the Finger Lakes.

Sbarra Real Estate Services held its annual awards luncheon at the Binghamton Country Club yesterday.

In addition to recognizing the accomplishments of its agents, the firm celebrated a significant milestone for its founders, Tom and Deb Sbarra.

Tom began his career in real estate in 1971 at the age of 19.

By 23, he had opened his own office and, with the help of Debbie, became a Century 21 franchise in 1991.

Tom say they owe their success to a great team and always treating customers honestly and ethically.

“Our goal was always to make sure that it wasn’t about the money but about them being happy and finding their nest. I didn’t finish college and I used to feel like I was doing something that was very important because everybody’s nest is their castle, if you will. To help people do that was something that was very dear to me,” says Tom.

Century 21 CEO Mike Miedler was on hand for the celebration which included old photographs and funny outtakes from Sbarra’s long-running real estate television show.

Sbarra also operates Southern Tier Mortgage Company.

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