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School of Science and Technology is going for a record


Some local students are about to Embark on a pretty unique lesson. it involves cereal. a lot of cereal.

The students over at the school of science and technology have collected a huge amount.

That’s just over a thousand boxes of cereal. but they need your help.

They are hoping to break a Guinness world record. for the biggest number of cereal boxes being knocked over like dominoes.

In order to do that they need over 63 hundred boxes of cereal. so just what are the students going to do? return to the index of stories.

“Students will set up the boxes. and to beat the world record, not only do we have to have the number of cereal, 6392, all of them have to topple. if they don’t all topple if there is one box standing, we do not break the world record,” Ashton Sigler said.

Those boxes of cereal will not go to waste. they will be donated to the Coastal Bend Food Bank.

If you would like to help the School of Science and Technology. you can drop off a box of cereal at any of their four campuses in the city

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