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Hunt up some words from friends. family, and kids to create a funny story!

Remember me? I’m your science teacher at _________ School and I just returned from a ________ trip to faraway ________, where I was sent to study weather and disasters. Yes, for the past year, this ________ country has had the worst luck in all the world. I traveled by _______ with scientists from _______ countries, to see what was happening and what was causing it.

WHAT? It all started when it rained for _______ days straight and then a wild blew from the North and snow fell in the amount of _______ feet in some places.

THEN? Children everywhere wrote to Santa Claus and asked him to fix it. He had already been contacted by trillions of Elves on the Shelves. Can Santa fix weather?

THINK! Has any Christmas been canceled by bad weather? NO! So that is your answer. Santa loaded up his sled with powdered __________ and the reindeer flew above the storm and dropped the load. Suddenly the snow changed to _______ !!

AND? All of us science folks just stood there and watched it happen. Animals came running across the land in a big stampede! The _______ animal at the head of the stampede was a ________. It was an _________ sight! He stood on his hind legs and made a sound like a __________ !!

HUH? Yes, this is a lot of ________ information to take in. It may not appear on the news, because the whole ________ situation is too _________ to explain.

NEXT?  We went to __________ to see what is happening with the sea level. Every night when the tide rises, towns on coastlines get flooded. A lot of sea animals such as ________, _________, and ________, wash up in front of stores and houses. People are panicking and moving away, taking only _________s with them.

HUH? The ocean has more water because the _________ s are melting at the North Pole. Santa was contacted about that, too, and he said only one word and it was, “_______!” Then he sent his elves to make repairs with glue made from ________.

WOW! Of course it’s all amazing and ________, and this is Santa’s most busy time of year, too. On Christmas Eve this year, we should all put out more than cookies and hot chocolate. We should give Santa some ________ and lots of _________!

NOW? Sure, I am back at school, which makes me feel really ________ after all that _________ excitement. Thanksgiving is the next big holiday and we should be especially thankful for ________ and for a big, roasted ________ dinner. ‘Bye’ for now, everybody!

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