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Shenandoah Public Library scores science kit grant | News


(Shenandoah) — The Shenandoah Public Library is the recipient of funding meant to help engage kids in science-based activities.

The library was recently awarded a grant from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which will allow them to put together science kits that can be checked out by local youth. Joy Stortvedt with the library says library staff came across the grant and thought it would be a good opportunity to add to their collection.

“The IEEE is an organization that promotes the use of technology,” said Stortvedt. “They have a program called Science Kits for Public Libraries. They regularly offer grants to libraries who are willing to create a science kit that can be checked out. We put in our grant application asking for some different items. They did approve it.”

Funding from the grant will allow the library to purchase and catalog six total kits that will be available for checkout later this summer.

“We are going to have three different options,” said Stortvedt. “One of them is going to be a telescope. It will have the telescope, and it will have information on how to set it up. We’re also going to create a video to show you how to set it up. And then there will be some books on things that you could see with a telescope. We’ll also have one that focuses on microscopes and then one that has a weather station.”

With a number of programs and opportunities limited over the last year, Stortvedt says the science kits allow kids to continue learning in the summer.

“It’s another way for them to interact with technology to explore what they could do with it themselves,” said Stortvedt. “And just to be curious about the world around them. A microscope can help them explore things on a small level and a telescope on a large level. And with weather, just getting them to interact with the world around them in a new and different way to create that curiosity.”

In addition to the science kits, Stortvedt says the library is working on ramping up more summer programming this year after all in-person programs were cancelled last year. She says the popular summer reading program for kids is back this year.

“We’ll have a bingo card where kids can come do the different activities and earn badges,” said Stortvedt. “They’ll earn badges for reading three times per week or more. We have a few programs too. We’re doing sidewalk chalk, tie-dye, we’re having the Henry Doorly Zoo come, we’re having a magician and we’re having bubble stations. Kids can explore different kinds of bubbles and different kinds of bubble activities.”

For more information on the science kits or any other programming offered by the Shenandoah Public Library, call (712) 246-2315. Stortvedt was a recent guest on KMA’s AM in the AM Program. You can hear her full interview below.

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Joy discusses science kits coming to the library.

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