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South Dakota preparing for medical marijuana use on school property


(KCAU) — On Friday, the South Dakota Department of Education will meet in Pierre to finalize guidelines for implementing medical marijuana on school property.

What many lawmakers have bickered over for months is now reality for South Dakota residents, and with that comes the issue of how to give kids who have medical marijuana cards.

An expert over Initiated Measure 26 said the law is in line with how Colorado handles minors with medical cards.

South Dakota communities preparing for legalization of medical marijuana

“School personnel can volunteer to be a caretaker to a student that has a valid medical marijuana card, and they can provide for administering a non-smokable form upon school grounds,” said Jackie Mitchell.

Elk Point-Jefferson Superintendent Derek Barrios said it’s important for policymakers to act quickly, so that his staff can prepare for these new rules.

“We might not have it right at first, right away, but I think it’ll be one of those things like with anything we do with a school district is learn, grow, and adapt,” said Barrios.

Gov. Noem: ‘For years, I’ve said I’ve supported medical marijuana’

Barrios added he’s confident the board will finalize their guidelines in the near future, but it’s something new for everyone involved.

“I know, that obviously, it’s new for all of us, and we’re really looking to a lot of our parent organizations too for some guidance on what would be our best policies for our school district,” said Barrios.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued later this fall to those that have debilitating conditions, such as epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and others.

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