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What it is: Productivity app
Who’s behind it: Seekrtech, LTD.
What it costs: $3.99
Where to find it: iOS, Android, Chrome extension

“An app I’ve really leaned on this year is Forest. Productivity apps are a dime a dozen, but I appreciate this ones simple, stripped back approach. At its core the app is a countdown, which you set to a time limit of your choosing, so you can focus on a task. As time passes, a tree slowly grows on the screen. However, if you give into the temptation to switch to your emails or stick on Netflix, the app will remind you that you’re supposed to be focusing. Ignore it, and your tree dies. That’s it. I find the incentive of seeing my tree through to full growth is enough to stop me poking at my phone while I focus on the task at hand, whether it’s work, reading a chapter of a book, or just about anything I might get easily distracted during.” – Jack Turner, Deputy Editor

Forest offers additional perks like a collaboration mode that lets you join other users of the app and all focus together: If one of you strays, everyone’s tree dies. Users earn currency while using the app, which can be used to unlock other types of trees. Virtual coins can also be used to pay for real trees to be planted, with the app creators claiming almost 1,500,000 being planted to date.

“I stuck it on while I was writing this,” Jack says, “and not only did I not feel tempted to break off to gawk at the latest Musk/Twitter headlines, I stayed 100% focused, and am now the proud owner of a digital Christmas tree, complete with presents.”

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