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‘The Freeze’ reopens for business after car crashes into store


An iconic ice cream shop in Schuylkill county has made a speedy recovery after a car crashed into the store.

ORWIGSBURG, Pa. — The Freeze, along Route 61 near Orwigsburg is open for business. But it still shows signs of the crash that kept it closed for a while this week.

On Sunday before the ice cream shop opened for the day, two cars collided nearby. One of the vehicles ended up hitting the front of the business.

“The brick structure also damaged some of the structure of the window so we had to replace all that. Of course we had to close for a few days,” Marissa Melochick, owner of The Freeze, said.

Despite the damage, the freeze was able to reopen fairly quickly with help from local contractors.

“They were able to make a makeshift wall and that also helps the structure of the building so it’s safe for customers to come in. But also not have anybody be able to see it and we can resume business,” Melochick explained.

She expects it will take a bit longer to make permanent repairs to the 64-year-old building.

“We are looking at a turnaround time, we’re thinking about one to two months. But this makeshift wall helps us serve customers right away. This is our busy season and a busy time of year so we’d like to make people happy serving ice cream. We can’t be closed,” said Melochick. 

While they are still under construction, The Freeze is back open for business, seven days a week.

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