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The Recorder – Real Estate Transactions: June 25, 2021



Carpenter Road. $187,500. B: Charles E. Mallet and Karen L. Mallet. S: Eleanor McGinnis and Jenne McGinnis.

3824 Chestnut Hill Ave. $575,000. B: Paul R. Vento and Jill A. Vento. S: Edward C Jardus Land Trust, William M. Jardus, trustee.

132 Grove St. $310,000. B: Connor Whitcomb and Chelsea Whitcomb. S: Chun Y. Li.

1545 Main St. $20,000. B: MG Residential LLC. S: Allan L. Guimond.

1551 Main St. $120,000. B: MG Residential LLC. S: Allan L. Guimond.

197 South St. $210,000. B: John J. Downey Jr. S: Turning Point Investments LLC.


519 Bald Mountain Road. $490,000. B: Jared Lockwood. S: Martin D. Powers.

844 Brattleboro Road, Unit 1A. $10,000. B: John Metelica. S: Crown 2005 Family Trust, Martha A. Senn, trustee.

208 Martindale Road. $125,000. B: Matthew D. Parody and Marykate Parody. S: Eric Vassar.


9 Williams St. $450,000. B: Shelburne Falls Studios. S: Home Roots Properties Inc.


29 Fort Lucas Road. $1,500. B: Scott B. Denison. S: William J. Pastuszek Jr. and Ellen J. Smith.


11 Captain Lathrop Drive. $291,192. B: Maxwell J. Gagnon and Laura E. Ernst. S: David W. Pike and Gary Pike.

46 Mathews Road. $603,721. B: Taylor G. Williams and Lea Williams. S: Janice L. Schell.

5 Memorial St. $1,100,000. B: Seth Brennan and Elizabeth Brennan. S: Andrew Shilling and Kirsten Shilling.

48A Snowberry Circle, Unit 18A. $324,900. B: Leland Howard. S: Ragus LLC.


18 River St. $239,000. B: Scott Kuzmeskus. S: Pioneer Valley Redevelopment LLC.


8 Coombs Ave. $195,000. B: Venture Residential LLC. S: James E. Singley.

18 East Cleveland St. $185,000. B: Bethany Barton. S: Veronica R. Burns.

131 Hope St. $70,000. B: Stephen T. Pritchard and Melissa D. Pritchard, S: Ruggeri LLC.

25 Oak Hill Road. $275,000. B: Patrick Williams and Tiffany Williams. S: Stephen P. Forrest.

282 Wells St. $260,000. B: Thomas Fleming and Kacie Dean. S: Duane Griffin and S.Y. Stackhouse-Griffin.


118 Taylor Brook Road. $207,500. B: Maureen L. Borg. S: Robbin-Marie A. Smart and Michelle D. McDevitt.


35 Juggler Meadow Road. $325,000. B: Mill River Renovations LLC. S: Barbara L. Hoadley Estate and Susan N. Hoadley.

25 Laurel Hill Drive. $620,000. B: Astrid C. Schween. S: Elizabeth S. Spelke.


East Hill Road. $70,000. B: Reginald F. Amidon and Ellen S. Breiling. S: William R. Butler and Kaeleen K. Butler.


3 Norman Circle. $270,000. B: Daniel G. Dausch and Jane Dausch. S: Eric C. Emond and Susan K. Emond.

4 Ross Ave. $90,000. B: Jared Porter and Dolores Porter. S: Kyle A. Chubb.


East Street, Lot 2. $66,000. B: Sandra L. Duprey. S: Warren E. Whitney and Phyllis H. Whitney.

54 East St. $340,000. B: Gloria Funkhouser. S: Phyllis H. Whitney and Warren E. Whitney.

Elm Street. $48,500. B: Thomas Aquinas College. S: Steven C. Wiggin and Julia A. Wiggin.

913 Millers Falls Road. $374,900. B: Shane Duclos and Marcia M. Duclos. S: Kelly Brigham-Steiner.


Glasheen Road. $50,000. B: Healthy Roots Realty Trust, Craig S. Newhouse, trustee. S: Lawrence H. Buell.

173 Hardwick Road. $350,000. B: Earl Manderson. S: Joshua M. Cayea and Tamara L. Castagnaro.


305 Petersham Road. $132,500. B: Mazin Alsamarraie and David S. Clune. S: Freedom Mortgage Corporation.


22 Frankton Road. $14,000. B: Taylor Shulda. S: Casey Clark.


73 Weatherwood Road. $440,000. B: Peter Everett and Veronica Everett. S: Jane Slater and Richard Kellerhals.

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