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U.S. Special Envoy for Yemen Lenderking Returns from Travel, Calls on Parties to Prioritize Peace in Yemen


U.S. Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking returned to Washington on September 14 from travel to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.  In his meetings, he found unanimous agreement that the Yemen truce – which is set to expire on October 2 – continues to represent the best opportunity for peace in years and has brought a period of unprecedented calm and hope for Yemenis who have faced years of war and suffering.  Further, all counterparts expressed their support for an expanded truce agreement that includes paying civil servants, improving freedom of movement through road openings, moving fuel quickly through the ports, and expanding commercial flights from Sana’a airport.

Lenderking welcomed efforts by the Republic of Yemen Government to ensure that benefits of the truce reach all Yemenis, including through recent extraordinary measures to avert a fuel crisis following a Houthi order that led to a backlog of ships. Now is the time for the Houthis to cease actions that jeopardize the truce, cooperate with the UN, and support an expanded truce agreement that will bring new benefits to millions of Yemenis, including getting money into the hands of tens of thousands of teachers, nurses, and other civil servants who have worked for too long without pay.

In order to put Yemen on the path to peace and recovery, all parties must be willing to make compromises and prioritize a brighter future for Yemen. The United States remains committed to advancing efforts to secure a durable and inclusive peace agreement for all Yemenis that includes their calls for justice and accountability.

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