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Volusia should consider greenhouse gasses before expanding air travel


Another view of air travel

As snowbirds who spend their summers in Washington D.C., my wife and I were initially excited to learn that United Airlines is pondering the resumption of flights between Washington National and Daytona Beach International airports.

However, when we read that the reason for United’s interest is a possible federal government grant to stimulate air travel to new destinations, we were confused. Why on earth, when the Biden administration is making a renewed effort to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions, would the federal government subsidize air travel, the highest GHG-emitting form of travel per person-mile?

Inconvenient though it may be, those of us who can afford vacation air travel simply have to minimize it in order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And the last thing the federal government should do is subsidize and encourage this high-emitting form of long distance travel.

Robin Broadfield, Ormond Beach

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