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Westfield Public Health Bulletin: Past year has taught us a lot about COVID, and ourselves


I have considered myself extremely lucky, or thought maybe I have had a COVID-19 guardian angel keeping me from becoming ill. Pure wishful thinking. I worked with COVID patients since the day the first known COVID patient in Westfield walked into the emergency department, prior to using gowns, goggles, masks and gloves on every patient.

It was only a matter of time. I will be starting the new year slowly recovering from this wretched virus, as the world has been for the past three years.

Where is this pandemic heading in 2023? New Year’s 2022 brought hope of returning to a pre-COVID life. This did not occur, as the end of 2021 brought in omicron with record amounts of cases and countries lifting major restrictions at the same time. The good news was less severe disease, less hospitalizations and deaths. The start of this new year brings more hope by many that 2023 would see an end to the COVID-19 global health emergency. The facts suggest otherwise.

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