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Wind Surge emergence sparks new business interest


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – If you have been over to the ballpark, you may have noticed some new development. The city wants to build up the bank of the Arkansas River and the Delano District to attract more people.

Sycamore Street opened Tuesday, Home2 Suites by Hilton in Delano opened four months ago, and the Sycamore Luxury Apartments are nearing completion. City leaders and business managers said the stadium is a big reason behind the growth. 

After a tough year, Delano businesses hoping for a revenue boost with April 10 opening of Riverfront Stadium

The Delano Home2 Suites General Manager, Christine Allen, said several nights have been sold out already.  “We saw a lot of last minute pickup yesterday and a lot of people coming in saying that they were in town to go to the wind surge game,” said Allen. “Especially with the pandemic, we did not think, because every hotel when that hit and we had no idea that we would just ramp up as fast as we are.”

Other new buildings managers are seeing the demand as well. The new luxury apartments across the street are not yet finished, but already 30-percent of the units are reportedly occupied. 

City Council Member Cindy Claycomb said this is the start of new businesses in the area. “I anticipate that those crowds and looking at this first year of, you know how many people go to games and what that looks like and what that does to the to the number of people in Delano I think that that will entice businesses to come down and say oh I want to be a part of this,” said Claycomb. 

Riverfront Stadium’s economic impact with the return of baseball

Insite Real Estate staff said properties in the area have seen a big jump in appreciation or the increase in value. Typically downtown Wichita sees a 3-percent appreciation each year, but Delano’s rate is ten times that. 

Claycomb attributes the growth to the new energy the Riverfront Stadium brings. “In five years I think it will still be a very, you know, a really vibrant part of our city,” she said. 

Delano businesses prepare for baseball season

Allen said 30-percent of the visitors on Tuesday were in the area to see the Wind Surge play, and she expects to see even more over the weekend.

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